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A history of code size in sdcc and a comparison to other compilers.

STM8 code size comparison (bytes):

File Cosmic C² stm8 sdcc #xxxx stm8
cvu_vinb.c 7 x
galois_lfsr.c 21 x
get_tile.c 95 x
huffman_iterative.c 161 x
huffman_recursive.c 198 x
init_loop.c 33 x
insertion_sort.c 108 x
memcpy_compression.c 31 x
memtovmemcpy.c 30 x
play_music.c 393 x
sdcc_divulong.c 100 x
sdcc_mullong.c 132 x
set_screen_mode.c 49 x
set_sprite_x.c 66 x
z88dk-mktime.c 239 x
total x x

The benchmark files can be found at

² C Compiler for STM8 (COSMIC Software); Generator V4.3.4 - 23 Mar 2010

This is a list of feature requests, that combined will probably get code size down near to the level of the non-free compilers.

Request ID Summary
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