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2008-07-22 Alan Baldwin, the original asxxxx author, wrote me the following e-mail:

  I am pleased to give you permission to change the
sdcc ASxxxx version to the GPL license.  Have you any
thoughts about which version, 2 or 3, of the GPL is best
for the project?  I haven't decided upon the GPL version
for the newest ASxxxx and ASlink at this time.


2008-11-17 Ken Hornstein, contributor of the implementation of object libraries in file lklibr.c, wrote me the following e-mail:

Yes, I give you permission to change the license of any code that I wrote
for asxxxx to GPL (personally, I actually prefer a BSD-style license, but
since you've already made the decision to use GPL then it's not a big deal
for me).


2009-01-03 John Hartman, author of ASXXXX and ASLINK port for 8051, contributor of the implementation of functions required to create a NoICE debug file (lknoice.c), allocated string storage module (lkstore.c) and many other enhancement and fixes:

Since Alan Baldwin has given his permission, I give my permission as well.

Best regards, John Hartman

2009-01-03 I, Borut Ražem [user:borutr], took the decision:

The SDCC branch of asxxxx package will be licensed under GPL
"either version 2, or (at your option) any later version".

2009-01-12 Alan Baldwin sent me the following e-mail, which means that we (I) have to change our decision if we want to be able to merge the code from the original asxxxx.


  I have been giving the licensing selection some thought
over the last few weeks.  I have decided to use the GPL V3
for the next release of the ASxxxx Assemblers (V5.0).

  Hopefully this will be a more long term licensing scheme
rather than starting with GPL V2 and then changing later.


2009-02-05 Changed sdcc asxxxx license to GPLv3

2009-04-01 Alan Baldwin released asxxxx Version 5.0 licensed under GPLv3 or later. The legal path to synchronize or re-merge both branches is now open!

All sdcc asxxxx contributors have to agree with the license change and to vote which GPL version to use.

Author: sdcc asxxxx contributor
GPL version: "GPLv2 or later", "GPLv3 or later" or any of them
Comment: comment

Author GPL version Comment
Alan Baldwin "GPLv3 or later" decision communicated to Borut Ražem 2009-01-12
Borut Ražem [1] any
Maarten Brock [2] "GPLv2 or later"
Jesus Calvino-Fraga [3] "GPLv2 or later"
drdani [4] any

Developers who committed changes to svn or cvs:


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