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SDCC 2.8.0 was released on 2008-03-30.

SDCC 2.8.0 Release schedule

Delivery Planned date Actual date
SDCC 2.8.0 RC1 2008-03-09 2008-03-09
SDCC 2.8.0 RC2 2008-03-23 2008-03-23
SDCC 2.8.0 Release 2008-03-30 2008-03-30

See the SDCC 2.8.0 Release Plan.

SDCC 2.8.0 Tasks

If you think there is a functionality that should be included or a bug that needs to be fixed in the SDCC 2.8.0 release, please submit it to the Feature Requests at or Bugs at and copy Request ID and Summary fields to the following table, where:

Request ID: Request ID from Feature Requests or Bugs
Summary: Summary from Feature Requests or Bugs
Proposed by: Who proposed the feature or bug fix
Time: Estimate of the implementation time
Developer: Who will implement the feature or bug fix
Status: Current status

Request ID Summary Proposed by Time Developer Status
1224821 options in GBZ80 port not officially documented [user:borutr] [user:borutr] DONE
1718191 asxxxx options documentation [user:borutr] [user:borutr] DONE
1874922 explicit typecast is ineffective for unsigned char parameter [user:borutr] [user:borutr] DONE
1888147 SIGSEGV using auto variable [user:spth] [user:maartenbrock] DONE
1670148 error 9: FATAL Compiler Internal Error [user:spth] [user:maartenbrock] DONE
1743823 Array initialization makes compiler crash [user:spth] [user:maartenbrock] DONE
1579949 Fatal internal compiler error [user:spth] [user:maartenbrock] DONE
1565152 Fatal Error in MCS-51 medium model compiler [user:spth] [user:maartenbrock] DONE
1806565 bad code generation for longs [user:spth] [user:spth] DONE
1736867 data pointer caculation error [user:spth] [user:spth] DONE
1596270 Wrong compilation??? [user:spth] [user:spth] DONE
1875933 Evelyn jumps into the void [user:spth] POSTPONED
1896290 Faster 8-bit multiplication on Z80 [user:spth] [user:spth] DONE
1898231 Faster 8-bit multiplication with constants on Z80 [user:spth] [user:spth] DONE
1466761 SIGSEGV on wrong code [user:maartenbrock] [user:maartenbrock] DONE
1875869 Omitting function argument ~> SIGSEGV [user:maartenbrock] [user:maartenbrock] DONE
1806631 sdcc segfaults when initializing struct with bitfield [user:maartenbrock] [user:maartenbrock] DONE
1838000 Bad code for a bitfield in triple operator [user:maartenbrock] [user:maartenbrock] DONE
1839671 Parameter passing problem [user:maartenbrock] [user:maartenbrock] DONE
1427663 SIGSEGV on static array of function pointers [user:spth] [user:tecodev] DONE
1900827 Wrong pic14devices.txt used [user:maartenbrock] [user:tecodev] DONE
1536762 Bad code generated for *x = 0 where x is an xdata short ptr [user:maartenbrock] [user:maartenbrock] DONE
1618050 badly optimized xdata pointer [user:maartenbrock] [user:maartenbrock] DONE
1908493 Incorrect asm for call via function pointer [user:maartenbrock] [user:maartenbrock] DONE
1629217 no symbol records for pdata in CDB file [user:jesusc] [user:jesusc] DONE
1864582 multiple definition of char cons w. --model-large [user:borutr] [user:borutr] DONE
1511838 pic16: bad code for xor and or [user:tecodev] [user:tecodev] DONE
1505811 Bad 'for' loop optimization [user:maartenbrock] [user:maartenbrock] DONE
1292721 variable load wrongly optimized away [user:spth] [user:spth] DONE
1255403 printf_fast_f SIGN and leading spaces problem [user:pjs] [user:pjs] DONE

SDCC 2.8.0 Feature List

There is always a problem to create a list of new features when a new SDCC release is announced. The following list is an attempt to create such a list "on the fly". Every time a new feature which is interesting for the SDCC users is implemented, it should be added to the following list.

  • added predefined preprocessor macro SDCC_REVISION holding SDCC's subversion revision number
  • added preprocessor macros SDCC_PARMS_IN_BANK1, SDCC_FLOAT_REENT and SDCC_INT_LONG_REENT
  • sdcpp synchronized with GNU cpp 4.2.3
  • multiple infiles for sdcclib
  • added option --acall-ajmp: replaces lcall/ljmp with acall/ajmp.
  • added support for many PIC devices
  • sdcc executables on Mac OS X are built as universal binaries, so that they can run on both ppc and i386 Mac OS X
  • added --Werror command line option
  • Windows installer enhancements
  • generation of cdb debug info for as-z80 and link-z80
  • generation of cdb debug info for variables in pdata for mcs51
  • Tail call optimization for functions that take no parameters on Z80
  • Improved multiplication of unsigned chars on Z80
  • ISO/IEC 9899 standard compliant integer promotion of integer function arguments if --std-cXX is defined in command line
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