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SDCC 2.6.0 was released on July 31st, 2006.
See the SDCC 2.6.0 Release Plan.

The versioning system will be switched from cvs to svn before the release (See ((CVS To Subversion Migration Plan))). DONE

The svn tree is frozen since 2006-07-12 and the first release candidate is available for download.

If you think there is a functionality that should be included or a bug that needs to be fixed in the SDCC 2.6.0 release, please submit it to the Feature Requests at or Bugs at and copy Request ID and Summary fields to the following table, where:

Request ID: Request ID from Feature Requests or Bugs
Summary: Summary from Feature Requests or Bugs
Time: Estimate of the implementation time
Developer: Who will implement the feature or bug fix
Status: Current status

Request ID Summary Time Developer Status
1438344 pic16 lib: clean doesn't work properly Borut Razem DONE
1438354 pic libsdcc: distclean doesn't work Borut Razem DONE
1520966 PIC16 floating-point multiply bug (small numbers) Maarten Brock DONE
1516098 Virus/Trojan in Nightly Builds Maarten Brock FALSE ALARM
1496419 sdcc loops creating new symbol Maarten Brock DONE
1477159 fix pic16 regression test bugs for SDCC 2.6.0 release POSTPONED
1477189 fix gcc-4 warnings Bernhard DONE
1477193 move packihx to support/packihx Bernhard DONE
1478657 Compilation of support/regression/fwk/lib/testfwk.c fails Vangelis Rokas DONE
1478892 Failing hc08 regression tests Maarten Brock DONE
1481734 Allow: sfr16 at (0xcc) TMR2; Maarten Brock DONE
1442369 Numeric ranges Maarten Brock DONE
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