Running SDCC regression tests on mingw build

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  • WIN32 Mingw regression tests can be executed starting with the SDCC svn revision #4606
  • I tested Mingw regression tests only with Cygwin environment on WIN32, but it probably runs also with MSYS.
  • Check-out the latest sdcc version from SVN repository
  • Run the shell (bash)
  • In order to be able to run pic16 regression tests, add gpsim binary directory to PATH:
        export PATH=/cygdrive/c/progra~1/gpsim/bin:$PATH
  • Change the working directory to .../support/regression
  • Run make with DEV_NULL environment variable to NUL:
        make DEV_NULL=NUL
  • To run the regression tests on the installed sdcc package:
        make DEV_NULL=NUL SDCC="'C:/Program Files/SDCC/bin/sdcc.exe'"

Note 1: pay attention on both double and single quotes around "'C:/Program Files/SDCC/bin/sdcc.exe'"
Note 2: replace "C:/Program Files/" with the sdcc installation path


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