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  • ON Semiconductor (previously Axsem): Provides IDE bundle (SDCC + Code::Blocks).
  • Infineon: Provides IDE bundle "DAvE Bench" (SDCC + Eclipse).
  • Atmel: Supports SDCC in their "LP Studio" IDE.
  • FTDI: Provides IDE bundle "FT51A Toolchain" (SDCC + Eclipse).
  • Maxim (previously Dallas): Provides Application notes on using SDCC.
  • Texas Instruments: Provides Application notes on using SDCC.
  • Cyrod (previously Ramtron): Used to provide application notes on using SDCC for their microcontrollers before Ramtron's 8051 business was aquired by Cyrod. Does Cyrod still exist? The latest news on their website are from 2010.
  • ST: Provided STM8 evaluation boards for SDCC development.
  • SiLabs: Supports SDCC in their older "SiLabs" IDE , but not yet in the new "Simplicity Studio".
  • Zilog: Recommends SDCC for their Z8051
  • IPextreme (previously Mentor Graphics): Recommends SDCC for their M8051W/M8051EW
  • Microsemi: Provides IDE bundle "SoftConsole" (SDCC + Eclipse).
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