HOWTO Make Snapshot Builds on the Developer Machine

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I verified the following steps on Linux FC6 and Fedora 7 machines:

  • create the sdcc-builder account
  • log in as sdcc-builder
su -l sdcc-builder
  • checkout the sdcc-cf subproject to the sdcc-builder home directory:
svn checkout svn:// ~
  • backup the original .profile:
mv ~/.profile ~/.profile.orig
  • add the line '. ~/.sdcc_builder/profile' at the end of ~/.profile file:
( echo; echo '. ~/.sdcc_builder/profile' ) | cat ~/.profile.orig - > ~/.profile
  • update the environment:
. .profile
  • install gputils in order to be able to compile pic and pic16 libraries: run make from ~/packages/build.gputils directory:
make -C ~/packages/build.gputils
  • create the build/sdcc-build directory
mkdir -p ~/build/sdcc-build
  • checkout sdcc-build subproject into it and make an executable copy of
svn checkout svn:// ~/build/sdcc-build/
cp ~/build/sdcc-build/ ~/build
chmod +x ~/build/
  • create the local machine makefile in the ~/.sdcc-build/local directory, usually by copying and modifying one of the existing ~/build/sdcc-build/local/*.mk. The local machine makefile has to be named <hostname>.mk. The <hostname> is the string returned by the "hostname" command up to the (excluding) first dot. If the system also builds a cross-compiled set, you should also copy the accompanying <hostname>*mingw*.mk file.
mkdir -p ~/.sdcc_builder/local
cp ~/build/sdcc-build/local/<one of existing>.mk ~/.sdcc_builder/local/${HOSTNAME}.mk
  • run the sdcc-build/ script:
~/build/ crontab-spawn 2>&1 | tee ~/build/log.txt

or if you want to have a detailed log:

~/build/ crontab-spawn MAKESILENTFLAG="" 2>&1 | tee ~/build/log.txt
  • view ~/build/log.txt to see all the errors...

And where are the built packages? You'll find them in ~/build/htdocs/snapshots/<platform> directory. Regression test results are in ~/build/htdocs/regression_test_results/<platform> directory.

If you have additional questions / comments / improvements about the topic, please send a mail to sdcc-devel mailing list <sdcc-devel AT>.


Additional packages can be build.


~/build/ build-doc-archive
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