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Meaning of the fields:

File File path, relative to device/
Author Author - copyright holder of the file
Old license type (GPL, LGPL, BSD, Public domain, None, ...)
Can change
license to
Marked with 'Yes' it the license can be changed
Marked with 'No' it the license can not be changed
Empty if status is not known yet
changed to
Marked with 'Yes' once the license comment in the file is changed
Comment Guess what ;-)

Missing confirmations for license change 2010-08-05

Author File Contact status
Omar Espinosa 2010-08-03 e-mail sent to <opiedrahita2003 AT>; resent 2010-09-22
Pravin Angolkar 2010-08-04 Maarten sent him a mail; 2010-09-13 sent him a message on
Microchip 2010-08-29 e-mail sent; resent 2010-09-18; communication in progress
pic & pic16 device source and header files, generated from Microchip MPLAB include files For pic device libraries and header files which are derived from Microchip header (.inc) and linker script (.lkr) files Microchip requires that "The header files should state that they are only to be used with authentic Microchip devices" which makes them incompatible with the GPL. Pic device libraries and header files are located at non-free/lib and non-free/include directories respectively. Sdcc should be run with the --use-non-free command line option in order to include non-free header files and libraries.
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