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(Mac OS X universal)
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== Bash Script ==
* Instead of below procedures you can also just copy and use repack_release.sh from sdcc/support/scripts/ or https://sourceforge.net/p/sdcc/code/HEAD/tree/trunk/sdcc/support/scripts/repack_release.sh
== Linux i386 ==
== Linux i386 ==

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[edit] Bash Script

[edit] Linux i386

  • download the linux i386 snaphot binary archive sdcc-snapshot-i386-unknown-linux2.5-yyyymmdd-xxxx.tar.bz2
  • unpack the binary archive:
tar -xjvf sdcc-snapshot-i386-unknown-linux2.5-yyyymmdd-xxxx.tar.bz2
  • remove the sdcc/share/doc directory
rm -rf sdcc/share/doc
  • remove the sdcc/share/sdcc/doc directory
rm -rf sdcc/share/sdcc/doc
  • download the linux i386 snaphot documentation archive sdcc-doc-yyyymmdd-xxxx.tar.bz2
  • unpack the docummentation archive into sdcc/share/sdcc directory
tar -xjvf sdcc-doc-yyyymmdd-xxxx.tar.bz2 -C sdcc/share/sdcc
  • copy INSTALL.txt and README.txt to the sdcc directory
cp sdcc/share/sdcc/doc/INSTALL.txt sdcc/share/sdcc/doc/README.txt sdcc
  • create the Linux i386 release archive
tar -cjvf sdcc-x.x.x-i386-unknown-linux2.5.tar.bz2 sdcc

[edit] Mac OS X universal

  • download the Mac OS X snaphot binary archive sdcc-snapshot-universal-apple-macosx-yyyymmdd-xxxx.tar.bz2
  • unpack the binary archive:
tar -xjvf sdcc-snapshot-universal-apple-macosx-yyyymmdd-xxxx.tar.bz2
  • repeat steps from 3 to 7 from linux i386
  • create the Mac OS X release archive
tar -cjvf sdcc-x.x.x-universal-apple-macosx.tar.bz2 sdcc

[edit] Windows

  • unpack WIN32 mingw daily snapshot sdcc-snapshot-i586-mingw32msvc-yyyymmdd-rrrr.zip to a clean directory (the option to create directories should be enabled). A sub directory sdcc is created (referenced as PKGDIR in continuation).
  • remove the PKGDIR/doc/ directory
rm -rf sdcc/doc/
  • unpack sdcc-doc-yyyymmdd-rrrr.zip to the PKGDIR/doc/ directory
  • copy files sdcc/support/scripts/sdcc.ico and sdcc/support/scripts/sdcc.nsi (this file) from the sdcc Subversion snapshot to the PKGDIR directory
  • copy files COPYING and COPYING3 from the sdcc Subversion snapshot to the PKGDIR directory, rename them to COPYING.txt and COPYING3.txt and convert them to DOS format:
cp <snapshot>/COPYING sdcc/COPYING.txt
cp <snapshot>/sdas/COPYING3 sdcc/COPYING3.txt
unix2dos sdcc/COPYING.txt sdcc/COPYING3.txt
  • run NSIS installer from PKGDIR directory:
"c:\Program Files\NSIS\makensis.exe" -DFULL_DOC -DVER_MAJOR=<VER_MAJOR> -DVER_MINOR=<VER_MINOR> \
  • A setup file setup.exe is created in PKGDIR directory. Rename it to sdcc-x.x.x-setup.exe and upload it to sdcc download repository at sourceforge.net


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