Building SDCC on NT4: A proposal

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From Tue Apr 25 04:59:03 2000
Return-Path: <>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 11:49:17 0200 (MEST)
From: Felix Daners <>
Subject: [Sdcc-user] Building SDCC on NT4: A proposal

Could anybody test this procedure? It seems to be a little bit shorter and
does not need to copy around the bash shell tools to a /bin directory

1) Install the CYGWIN 20.1 FULL package you get
2) Mount some directories: Start the Bash shell
When the starting Bash shell complains about a missing /tmp directory,
you must mount one.

Bash$ mount -f D:\\Temp /tmp

(change the cygwin path according to your installation)

Bash$ mount -f D:\\PROGRAMME\\cygnus\\CYGWIN-b20\\H-I586-cygwin32\\bin

Bash$ mount -f D:\\PROGRAMME\\cygnus\\CYGWIN-b20\\share

3) Unzip the sdcc source kit to any directory and make this the
working directory in the bash shell you have already open.

Bash$ cd D:/sdcc

4) When I got the source kit, it was not clean. There were some objects
left in the avr package which were compiled on a linux machine I guess.
Take a Explorer and delete *.o files in the directory sdcc/src/avr

5) Run the configure script

Bash$ sh -c "./configure --prefix=/sdcc_2_2_0a"

This prepares the source to install the compiler in the D:\sdcc_2_2_0a

It takes quite a while.

6) Run make

Bash$ make

It takes a while to build the sdcc compiler and tools. Because the
curses package is not included in the CYGWIN B20.1 FULL installation,
the simulators will not be built. You must compile and install the
curses package first if you want to build the simulators.
I did not do this because I do not consider to use the simulator.

7) Run make install

Bash$ make install

This will copy most of the files to the destination you have defined
in step 5.

8) Copy the binaries .exe from the /sdcc/bin to the destination
/sdcc_2_2_0a/bin directory. You may use a Explorer to do this

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